Jackie Smith

how would it feel to​ love getting dressed again—to feel elevated, effortless?
Good news: that feeling is just a few clicks away.

 Reconnecting women with 
their personal style, with dose of ease and simplicity. 

the mission

After years of creating results (a.k.a. pure magic) for one-on-one clients, she’s taking her expertise online. Her suite of digital styling services delivers her sixth sense for closet curating to anyone with Wi-Fi.

Whether you long for the “everything looked good on me” ease of your 20s or you’ve never quite nailed down a look, Jackie Smith can help you refine your wardrobe once and for all.

Style Struggles? 

In other words? Your days of “what do I wear?” are officially over. Instead of daydreaming about what it’s like to start each day with confidence, let’s make it happen.

From start to finish, the Styled with Intention experience is catered to each client’s personality, style profile, and individual ambitions. Learn more about how Jackie works with clients.

She leads each client through a personal style journey, from tapping into their goals and dreams to uprooting their current shopping habits.

The perfect outfit begins with you, and you’re already beautiful (no arguing—that’s a fact). Beneath your stress and uncertainty is a self-assured woman waiting to resurface. That’s where Jackie comes in.

It All Starts With You.

If you’ve never worked with a personal stylist, it may seem like an luxury… but here’s a secret: style is already a fundamental part of your life. You get dressed each morning. Why not turn that ritual into the best part of your day?

Women are busy. ​Really​ busy. You might wonder how some look so damn good while supporting a career, family, and their community. The truth is, savvy modern women ​ask for help.​

Is It Worth It?

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